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Team Intern

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Visionary - Healer - Artist  Founder of

Healing Circle Sanctuary

Life is an ongoing adventure, a discovery journey of infinite possibilities in the universe, explosions of realizations in our inner worlds, and learning to manifest these realizations and dreams in our outer worlds. I welcome you to join us on an in-depth and colourful journey! 

I am passionate about creating community as a way to heal and get to know ourselves beyond society's construct. It is a good way to start living in a more harmonious and conscious way.



Womb Healing & Feminine Embodiment guide. Psychic seer. 

I am passionate about supporting the healing of the feminine and helping women remember the power of the womb 

The intention behind my work is to help women reconnect with themselves, emotionally, physically and somatically.

Having been an Emotional Healing facilitator for the past 5 years I take the emotional aspect into much consideration, I am trauma informed and love diving deep.

- Womb Healing & Feminine Embodiment.

- Hands-on Womb Healing.

- Womb massage & deep energy work. (In person only)

- 1hr Evolutionary Psychic Readings

+ Recording of the session.

- Women's circles.

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Medium for the Spiritual world - Medial psychological coaching

As a medium I work in the service of the spiritual world.The past souls choose me as a "channel" between different worlds. During a session I receive information from the spiritual world about causes of issues and how we could resolve them. In a session I use my mediumistic abilities and I convey the messages with heard and clarity.




 Theatre designer

I like to create. Make things out of nothing. This place is one big playground. To discover new and natural material and transform it in a useful way

In my job as a theater designer I used to transform the core of the story into a visual form.
After many of years designing and building decors for theater plays I decided to transform the story 'life' into the core of 'living'. This is the place where I translate this into reality



Lightworker, rainbow warrior, starseed


I had to cross a long dark valley to become the light for others. Helping and transforming, who need guidance out of their dark conciousness is my passion. So it is Music, what saved my life trough frequencys and this is what i can give back to the world trough soundhealing, hosting monthly consious partys around the algarve and im a part of a extatic dance crew.

In general: I like to spread LOVE and LIGHT! I enjoy to transform sadness into joyfullness, like to listen to deep stories and my super power : give quality bear  huggs 🐻❤️

Im also good in manifesting and connecting what can help out to create the new earth.. Together! We are one! A-ho! 💫

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Hendrik / Daamodar

Spiritual guide,

meditation teacher,

 subtle energy expert

My passion is to assist people in actualising life as a moment by moment miracle. Leaving behind the matrix of thought and expanding as presence, which includes a wider perspective of love.
- Meetings discovering our true nature and oneness
- Clearing and transforming the human system, which includes the emotional body, the Chakras and the Aura. 
- Alternative healing counseling.
- Cleaning and transforming rooms, places and grounds energetically.
- Dowsing.
- Powerful subtle energy objects and energetic cards for trauma- and spiritual transformation, reatuning to our inherent devine order.


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Spiritual guide,



I am professional in plumbing and together with my team I offer other handcrafts. We build fences, place paving stones an cut trees. We can also help with cleaning, gardening and technical repairments. We are located around Silves and offer our skills in a 25km radius. Feel free to contact me to make an appointment. I would like to help you! 


Michael:  +491782574120



 Alchemist, seeker, visionary, hobo, baba, initiator of the eco-village

I´ve been nomadic for 7 years and this is the first place i consider home.

im working on making the project self sustainable by building with natural construction and developing the permaculture garden.

Team Extern


Alana Una

Facilitator - Medicine Woman

I am at the service of all beings,
Sharing my passion allows me to be a bridge between different worlds.

I deliver clear messages with care, support, and open heart, irradiating love aligned with the source which I'm channeling from.

Listening, intuition and energy reading guide me through my journey.



Holistic Health Consultant

Eat good - feel good!

My passion has always been cooking and it still is.

Although I also love to organize workshops, retreats and festivals and connect people, who are on their spiritual path of life, and want to live this consciousness together …

I give consultations and vegan-cooking-workshops. 

My secret ingredient is always Love

Good food is good mood!

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I always wanted to discover the world and other cultures since being a child so I went traveling since 19 years old I've learned a lot throughout my journey's and would love to share some of that with you.

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Rapid Transformational Therapist - Hypnotherapist

Pearl is helping individuals to integrate your shadows, heal unresolved traumas and reorient your life-story from that of pain to empowerment.  Pearl works with the notion that the wisdom that heals you, is you. For many people this power lies dormant, but with her help and loving guidance she supports her clients in reactivating and remembering their true worth and value by accessing the healing potential of their subconscious mind. With an increase in self-esteem, self-belief, self-worth, self-love and intuitive trust, she has seen and witnessed her clients restore peace and personal fulfillment in their lives that strengthens their capacity to love and be loved. 

Sound healing - Breathwork  Yoga - Personal Coaching 

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