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Energy Healing, Blueprint Activation, Cacao Ceremony Facilitator

​Energy Healing Sessions:


Everything about how you are and how you live is directly related to the health of your energy field. Is your energy field whole, balanced, clear, magnetic? In all energy work sessions, I read various elements in your energetic health that are related to the major energy centres and condition of your overall energy field, and where possible heal, clear, unblock or retrieve missing energy/power. In longer sessions, I provide higher psychic-intuitive information, and give guidance on your path and maintaining your energetic health, benefiting you with a fuller multi-dimensional experience.​


  • Energy Detox Sessions: A recommended first step for people who want a check in, to see how I work, or for simple energetic repair. To maintain the health of the energy field, suggestions are made during the treatment, and regular or a set of sessions are recommended. See more info here: 


  • AuraTransformation:

For a more radical reset and upgrade of the energy field, where there has been much energy loss, or where you have a fairly healthy energy field but wish to optimise it so that it facilitates your purpose and life actualisation. An AuraTransformation is a one-off treatment that permanently heals and upgrades the ‘old time’ energy field into the more advanced energy structure children are now being born with. There is a deep fusion of spirit with body, in a way that mobilises greater purpose, wholeness, resilience, and clarity. See more info here:


Blueprint Coaching Sessions:


Your blueprint is your innate birthright. It's who you truly are, coded into your spiritual essence and physical cells and it seeks to be manifest - in the life you could be living, the purpose you're fulfilling. ​Nothing is as deeply essential at this time on Earth, then that we activate and live from the blueprint within us. Much of your inner suffering can be traced back to you simply not living by your true design, or not having the tools or balance in your operating system to support it. 


I work with changemakers, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs to help them leap forward in their life-actualisation and wholeness of self. I offer single coaching sessions that are 1-1.5 hours long, as well as combined energy healing and coaching sessions, and online programs, e.g. 


Nature Connection Session / Cacao Elixir Ceremony:


Do you long for a deeper connection with nature, or would love to experience a facilitated journey to truly drop into communion with Mother Earth? Or would you love to connect more deeply with your own true self, your blueprint, your spirit, to receive insight and healing, in the high-vibrational environment that only nature can provide? In these sessions you will spend some time in beautiful nature with Karen, with various elements such as meditation, journeying, plant communication. 


These sessions are even more potent with the additional facilitation of ceremonial cacao. Cacao is the ‘Medicine of the Gods’, which opens the heart and increases oxygenation to the brain, providing the perfect conditions to receive deeper insights and connectivity with nature and spirit. Depending on your intention, need, desire, Karen can create an experience weaving together cacao, nature, shamanic journeying and meditation. 

See here for more information on Karen’s Cacao Ceremonies:

  • Energy Healing Session - 1hr, €75

  • Blueprint Coaching Session - 1hr, €75 

  • Blueprint Activation Session (Energy Healing + Coaching) - 1.5-2hr, €150-200

  • Nature Connection Session - 1.5-2hr, if one person: €100-150 (less in group)

  • Cacao Elixir Ceremony - 2hr, if one person: €150 (less in group)

  • Cacao Elixir + Nature Connection - 3hr, if one person: €225 (less in group)

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