Place to Be





No Resistance,  just Flow


Come & Transform

Discover Yourself

Healing Circle Sanctuary:

A homely space, a healing place, where there are no expectations, judgments, perfectionism, pre-conceptions, etc.

A void, (a field beyond duality) .... to be able to grow from that void and in that void, like a seed in the black earth.

The void where nothing (pre)exists and where everything can grow into its natural expression of being.

The conception of the 4 elements: earth, fire, water, and air.

The 5th element which keeps it all together and gives life: spirit.

The 7 directions: north, south, east, west, up, down and inwards.

Our bigger Vision: - A Promise to the Children of this World

Noah’s ark:

To find new land for a new way of living in connection, appreciation, and abundance with humans, nature, and animals alike.

With different building pillars:

  • Rainbow Reality

  • Robin Hood and the Wishing Well

  • The Spiral of Life

  • The Ark of Noah

Rainbow Reality:     

Education through play and creativity.   

As much as we can teach the children, as much we can learn from them.

They come with new information.

To preserve and nourish the spark in every one of us, so we can all bloom to our fullest.


Robin Hood and the Wishing well:

Wish list of forgotten dreams. 

People can put their dreams in the wishing well. (the purpose of the dream being in connection with the greater good of all).

With this sharing of dreams, we can see where we can help each other's dreams come true, to be able to realize and manifest a different reality. In the synchronicity of things.

Dreams will overlap each other in such a way that it will unfold a new ‘living pattern’, so to be able to weave this organic way of life, creating a new reality. 

The Spiral of Life:

The Spiral of Life is a platform for change, exchange, and interconnection for all intentional communities and self-sufficient ways of life to combine their strengths and resources together.

A place for educational, inspirational, and resourceful co-creativity based upon regular meetings online and on-site.

Like spiral energy flows in and flows out - and is never lost- because we are always connected and working together.


The Ark of Noah:

Creating a homely space for all ages to be able to live together, in a ‘village’ format, is Mostly self-sustainable.

Where we can contribute our selves our lives, passions, and strengths to make living something worthwhile again, something to look forward to, something to enjoy.

Where the inter-connectedness of all beings is heart-felt and therefore interwoven in a new logic of living.