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Healing Circle Sanctuary was born out of a wish to co-create a sacred space for like-minded energies to come and experience community living in a holistic setting connected to nature, animals, healing, creativity, eco-building, sustainability and more.

Our collective vision is that of the inner journey, to come to a point of truth and authenticity in our life expression. Together we hold the space for people to come and unfold their energy and vibration in life, honouring our differences and celebrating a common understanding that each person has a unique tone and colour they wish to manifest as part of the rainbow of life.

Coming from a place of honesty, truth and revelation are important to the ongoing flourishing of our community. We live in an everchanging flow of people staying with us and embrace all walks in life.

We offer the opportunity for people to enjoy a longer or shorter stay with us. You can get involved in healing sessions, events, co-creating retreats, expressing creativity, eco-building, the eco-village project, animal care, gardening, or simply enjoying reflection time and the connection with nature- it’s up to you – at Healing Circle Sanctuary you are free to be yourself, at your own rhythm and in your own way of coming to your true self in a loving and supportive environment.

We encourage you to read on and explore what Healing Circle Sanctuary has to offer.

Please come and visit us and contact us for more information on ongoing events and opportunities for you to be involved in.

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