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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 


Willemijn van Olphen

Empathic & Intuitive Guide

My passion and part in the tapestry of life is creating a space physically and energetically. Where we can fall into the essence of who we truly are. And experience our connectedness with all that is. I can help bring your awareness to your experience in the moment. By creating space life can flow and the true self can unfold from within. Discovering the multifaceted infinite possibilities of existence through the lens of the soul. 


Hazem Mostafa

Massage Therapist & Health Coach

Hazem Mostafa has the unique talent be being able to discover your problem areas and deal with them gently until they completely disappear.  Hazem is a professional international expert in massage, sports rehabilitation & posture correction. With 15 years managing experience in a luxury 5 stars spas in Portugal, Dubai & Egypt. Hazem's passion is sports,  traveling,  hiking and he is American certified scuba diving instructor. 



Facilitator - Medicine Woman

I am at the service of all beings,
Sharing my passion allows me to be a bridge between different worlds.

I deliver clear messages with care, support, and open heart, irradiating love aligned with the source which I'm channeling from.

Listening, intuition and energy reading guide me through my journey.


Anu Alexander

Natropathic Therapist, Health Coach

My education and work combine mainstream medicine and complementary alternative medicine. I have found that it offers a greater perspective for the practitioner and the client in both the diagnostic and treatment phase. I use various techniques to find the source of your complaint. For example, I have treated insomnia by using certain amino acids, headaches by removing amalgam from the teeth, eczema from diet modification, painful joints due to deacidification and intestinal problems due to the exclusion of an intolerance allergy. In my practice the client feels heard and seen by this approach, and that I believe this is an essential part of a successful treatment.


Katharina Vreydenberger

Multidimensional Healer, Intuitive Guide

Katharina early on in childhood, discovered her sensitivity and intuition for energy fields of all different dimensions. Through out the years I found my teachers in Europe and South America and also spent some time in Brasil where I studied various healing methods of the indigenous people. Living in Germany for most of my life, I have been giving many works shops, seminars, personal healing sessions for 25 years. I also started to work togther with medical practicioners, they came to my seminars to learn about energy healing. And they would sent patients to me, to look deeper into the origin of the patients disease and to help with energy work.

Charles voor OM.jpg

Charles Decker

Energy Healer

Charles has lived with a deep desire to make people better and bring them closer to the real beings we are. He and his wife Chrissy took this desire to form and created a meditation centre in Belgium that they ran for 10 years. Now living in the Algarve in Portugal they offer tailor-made personal and group programs.


Dan & Ashley

Shamanic Practitioners, Medium

Ashley is a natural healer that has had super natural abilities since she was young. She has been practicing healing, trance and physical mediumship for many years. She has learned how to change her levels of consciousness, to allow the spirit world to over shadow her whilst she is working with her clients. She works to help you release any emotional, mental or physical blockages that you may be carrying.

Dan´s journey with the drum began in the mid 80´s in Australie, where he met a Native American Medicine shaman, Eagle Man. He taught Dan many ceremonies and how to connect and heal with the voice and spirit of the drum. Dan has performed many ceremonies and Drum Healing Sessions since then. 

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