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We invite you to come on an inner journey
to discover a more holistic way of living and healing, 
in the heart of Algarve, Portugal.

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We have created a magical

& peaceful sanctuary.

We live in an ever-changing small community setting in the heart of the countryside of the Algarve.

You can come and join us for a longer or shorter stay with an option to dive deep into your personal healing & connect with your 
authentic self.


We welcome you to emerge yourself

in the flow of our place. 

You can enjoy; healing sessions,

reflection time, meditation, eco-building, creativity, jumping in the natural pool, cuddling with animals & appreciating nature´s silence. 

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We welcome you to be part of a communal experience, to explore & discover the many different aspects of your soul journey in connection with living with more people, eco-building, organic gardening, music & creativity.


HCS offers the different dynamics which are happening in a community, as a playground to reveal our emotional and mental triggers, so we can see and work with them on the spot. In that way, we are learning together to take responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, and actions.


And hold a space of understanding, love, and compassion in any given moment.  We are looking forward

to welcoming you.


We have different options for you

to stay with us. 


On the top of the hill you find the villa,

 lush gardens, with an amazing view.

Here the different rental options are:


*Butterfly-cocoon ensuite room 

* Bee-hive room, with shared bathroom

*Love-Bird´s Nest studio with own kitchenette and bathroom


On the side of the villa we have the natural pool, which has created a natural habitat for many species to enjoy a happy life and for you to enjoy a refreshing swim.

We are creating a small village

down on the land, where in the near future we can offer staying in a small round cobhouse, a bell tent and we will have  places to put your camper van or tent.


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Animal Sanctuary

We rescue them and they rescue us.

A win / win situation when it

comes to animals.

They are our friends, they learn us to love unconditionally, they learn us to communicate beyond words.

They reflect us what we really feel.


They show us how to just be and

 live in the moment.


We enjoy cuddles together,

take care of eachother, 

love one another.

Life can be so simple. 

Nature and animals help us to remember that.


Chief Sitting Bull

”It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being, and we, therefore, yield to our neighbors, even to our animal neighbors, the same right as ourselves to inhabit this vast land.”

What People Say

"They took care of everything for us - from transportation to activities to letting us know the agenda. The locations were fabulous and I feel that I got to see more in Portugal than I would have otherwise. The cost of the trips was very reasonable considering the level of joy they provided!"

—  Laurie, Canada

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