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At the Healing Circle Sanctuary we would like;


to live together in a small community setting (8/12 people)

with the majority of people as full-time residents. 

to have 2 time-share houses that people who want or need to travel a lot can make use of,

and we want to make this part of a community-based times-share eco-housing project.


 to create a mini-eco village to host retreats to help, inspire & demonstrate to people,

that a holistic way of living is possible, and that it can include many different forms, ways, and lifestyles. 


We started the mini eco-village construction project on the property,

which is an example of our efforts to reflect a sustainable example for people

to experience and see what is possible.


It is such a rich journey to connect with many different people, from all walks of life;

to live, build, create, dance, sing, and discover together. 



It is wonderful to swim with the fish. To enjoy the frogs sitting on the water lily leaves, dragonflies hoovering over, and birds and bees coming to drink.



The solar system heats up to 70 litres of water and we can have a hot shower every day with an amazing view.



In the middle of our eco-village we now have an opportunity to cook, bake pizza and wash dishes.



We created two different toilets which are eco-friendly. One "normal" one and one squatting. 

There are current projects we are working on in our community.

If you are interested in helping to complete these projects,

or/and you have the right skills and expertise;

we would love to hear from you! 

We welcome ideas about new projects and are open to people working in a way that is inspiring to them. 



Our first house in the eco-village which can be a home or a comfy space for spiritual practices.




We plan to build a playground for children using natural materials.

not started



In our garden we are creating the eco-system and soil for producing our own veg.





We would like to buy and make nice and cozy living, meditation & therapy spaces for any season.

Tents and/or wooden houses.

not started




We are creating a big space for events, and workshops.






We are creating an outdoor space for chilling, eating and working.





We are creating the space not only for humans, also for animals.



How do we become a fully functional healing & educational hub for holistic ways of living?


Locally and through re-generative tourism and helping people to transit from the mainstream to a holistic way of life.

By organizing workshops, seminars, small markets, and retreats for people to learn and exchange about:

  • creative eco-building

  • perma-culture

  • healing

  • community life where all generations live together

  • how can we change together (inside & out)

We want to inspire people locally to go from:

  • mono-culture to bio-diversity

  • concrete buildings to eco-buildings

  • competition to collaboration

  • centralization to de-centralization of a local economy.

  • an individualistic life to a supportive (neighbors)community life

We are passionate about creating products from eco/organic (local) resources:

  • healing creams and soaps with aloe vera and herbs

  • essential oils from herbs and flowers

  • bee-friendly, bee-hives for honey and wax

  • kombucha

  • pottery with clay from our land

  • marmalades

  • home-made bread, cakes, and pizza from our clay ovens

  • creative: woodwork, painting, music, etc.


Coming from a place of integrity and a willingness to heal and grow, we hope for the ongoing flourishing of our community and beyond.

Why do we do what we do?

"It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti


We have listed below our bigger and expanding visions!

If you are interested to support us with one of these projects we would love to hear from you! Please, contact us directly by e-mail or call!

How do we want our vision to further develop & extend:

  • ​ We would love to start building an eco-village, on another and bigger land,  within nature, with a lot of space and natural (drinking)water on the site, where all generations can live together and be an integral part of the whole, for everybody to thrive, individually and in the community.

  • We would love to bring the educational hub project at Healing Circle Sanctuary to its full potential. We are renting this property now and would like to find somebody to buy it.

  • We would love to be able to help people to transition from mainstream life into a natural way of life, by offering alternative possibilities for contributing to the community and having options to receive financial support, where necessary to start sustainable businesses and live a more holistic lifestyle.

  • We would love to start a community setting in a village, town, or city with a café/ restaurant/shop to be able to sell organic local produce and be a hub for social connection, spreading the word and for all kinds of creative expression, handy craft products, music, and different healing modalities, etc.

  • We would love to create a foundation to be able to work as a trust fund, for the further integration of funding put well into service of the collective.

  • We love to find skilled people who have the same&simular passion to help create and expand the way of life in connection!

    We are passionate to realize "out of the box" ways to co-create thriving communities, eco-village settings, perma-culture/ regeneration of the land, and organic farming to suit each place.

We have several inspirational ideas we are inspired to help bring into manifestation:

·     Rainbow Reality

·     Robin Hood and the Wishing Well

·     The Spiral of Life

·     The Ark of Noah


Rainbow Reality


Education through play and creativity.   

We recognize the uniqueness in every one of us and support our gifts and innate talents to add to a vision of a new earth. Each one of us is held in a sacred space to flourish and come into full expression as their soul intended. Through play and creativity, we weave together a new approach in education based on home-schooling, the performing arts and storytelling to convey the intended message. As a group of creative individuals, we embark on organizing educational material for children to enjoy in the local community. As much as we teach the children, they also come with new information and are our teachers as well. Our wish is to preserve and nourish the spark in every one of us, so that we can all bloom to our fullest!



Robin Hood and the Wishing well

A wish list of forgotten dreams. 

People can put their dreams in the wishing well. (the purpose of the dream being in connection with the greater good of all).

With this sharing of dreams, we can see where we can help each other's dreams come true, to be able to realize and manifest a different reality. We do this within a new logic of the synchronicity of things – a space where dreams can come together and help co-create each other.

Dreams will overlap each other in such a way that it will unfold a new ‘living pattern’ to be able to weave an organic way of life, co-creating a new reality. 



The Spiral of Life

The Spiral of Life is a platform for change, exchange, and interconnection for all intentional communities and self-sufficient ways of life to combine their strengths and resources together.

A place for educational, inspirational, and resourceful co-creativity based upon regular meetings online and on-site.

Like spiral energy flows in and flows out - and is never lost- because we are always connected and working together.



The Ark of Noah

Creating a homely space for all ages to be able to live together, in an ‘eco-village’ format. A place where we can contribute ourselves, our lives, passions, and strengths to make living something worthwhile again, something to look forward to, something to enjoy at all ages and in all walks of life.

A common understanding that builds upon a shared value for nature and inner truth in a cross-generational eco-village based setting. Where the inter-connectedness of all beings is heart-felt and therefore interwoven into a new logic of living. 

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