Healing Circle Sanctuary works as a network of community projects throughout Portugal but has its original base in Silves, Algarve. 

We have a small eco-village construction project on the property in Silves which is an extension of our efforts to reflect a sustainable example for people to experience and thrive.

We network and connect larger community and eco-village projects throughout Portugal. Currently we are also working on a larger scale eco-village foundation to support start-up communities throughout the country and are looking at a wider picture.

We also have an eco-village project we wish to develop further in the Alto Alentejo which is currently a hot topic at Healing Circle Sanctuary.

We also have several inspirational ideas we are working on at the moment. Here are some of Healing Circle Sanctuary’s initiatives within the wider community:


·     Rainbow Reality

·     Robin Hood and the Wishing Well

·     The Spiral of Life

·     The Ark of Noah



Rainbow Reality


Education through play and creativity.   

We recognize the uniqueness in every one of us and support our gifts and innate talents to add to a vision of a new earth. Each one of us is held in a sacred space to flourish and come into full expression as their soul intended. Through play and creativity, we weave together a new approach in education based on home-schooling, the performing arts and storytelling to convey the intended message. As a group of creative individuals, we embark on organizing educational material for children to enjoy in the local community. As much as we teach the children, they also come with new information and are our teachers as well. Our wish is to preserve and nourish the spark in every one of us, so that we can all bloom to our fullest!



Robin Hood and the Wishing well

A wish list of forgotten dreams. 

People can put their dreams in the wishing well. (the purpose of the dream being in connection with the greater good of all).

With this sharing of dreams, we can see where we can help each other's dreams come true, to be able to realize and manifest a different reality. We do this within a new logic of the synchronicity of things – a space where dreams can come together and help co-create each other.

Dreams will overlap each other in such a way that it will unfold a new ‘living pattern’ to be able to weave an organic way of life, co-creating a new reality. 



The Spiral of Life

The Spiral of Life is a platform for change, exchange, and interconnection for all intentional communities and self-sufficient ways of life to combine their strengths and resources together.

A place for educational, inspirational, and resourceful co-creativity based upon regular meetings online and on-site.

Like spiral energy flows in and flows out - and is never lost- because we are always connected and working together.



The Ark of Noah

Creating a homely space for all ages to be able to live together, in an ‘eco-village’ format. A place where we can contribute ourselves, our lives, passions, and strengths to make living something worthwhile again, something to look forward to, something to enjoy at all ages and in all walks of life.

A common understanding that builds upon a shared value for nature and inner truth in a cross-generational eco-village based setting. Where the inter-connectedness of all beings is heart-felt and therefore interwoven into a new logic of living.