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Our beautiful land is a paradise for us, humans. We build our houses and facilities here, we practice yoga and meditation, we dance together. But this land is also a wonderful space for animals, who can find their peace and joy here, living alongside humans as a family.

Our wish is to create more space for animals rescued from different places, so they can experience kindness and love from people and heal their wounds from the past bad behaviour to them.

Nowadays we have 2 donkeys, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds (who cannot live in a complete freedom). 





If you love animals, know how to care about them, feed them, you are welcome to help us with them. 

In return they will show you their gratitude with lots of love and fluffy cuddles.


Also, one of the upcoming projects is to build a very large cage around a tree for 2 parrots, who needs their natural environment to live, but they are not able to live absolutely free, so they need some guarded area for them.

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