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Visionary - Healer - Artist  Founder of Healing Circle Sanctuary

Life is a ongoing adventure, a discovery journey of infinite possibilities in the universe, explosions of realisations in our inner worlds and learning to manifest these realisations and dreams in our outer worlds. I welcome you to join us on an in-depth and wonderful journey! 

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 Holistic Health Consultant 

Eat good - feel good!

My passion has always been cooking and it still is.

Although I also love to organize workshops, retreats and festivals and connect people, who are on their spiritual path of life, and want to live this consciousness together …

I give consultations and vegan-cooking-workshops. 

My secret ingredient is always Love

Good food is good mood!

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Intuitive Mentor - Sacred Cacao Ceremonialist -  Feminine Alchemist.

We all came to this world to reconnect with our DNA, to honour our lineage, and to experience this life safely through the embodiment of  authenticity. I intuitively help women to feel safe in their body, and to reconnect with the mysteries of their wombs and their femininity.

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Mentor - Holistic Healer - Artist  

By sharing my passion for Music (opening of the voice), Yoga, Ceremony, Dance, and Bodywork I help to reconnect and align yourself to your truth. Being a bridge of different worlds fills me with purpose, joy and makes me hear the deep whispers of my heart. 
I feel so blessed and honoured to guide you through an embodied journey to yourself. Joy is the Journey. 

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Community developer - Facilitator -  Organiser

Healthy community nourishes our souls and supports us to flow. We need to relearn community living, and this requires compassion, patience and belief in the vision. I am collecting communication and organisation tools to share. I hope to see regenerative land projects become the norm in my lifetime!

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Musical Artist & Founder of Healing Circle Sanctuary

The universe is our playground. I ask you to remember to play with reality and allow your dreams to unfold. Whether this be through sound, dancing, acting or the creative arts, I am here to support you on your journey. I dare you to dream the impossible, and the possible will follow. 

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Holistic Health Coach

As a content creator, passionate about health and natural living, I embody authenticity helping you to find your true essence.

Through holistic health practices I will help you find balance and joy!

Abundance is my key.

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Alana Una

Facilitator - Medicine Woman

I am at the service of all beings,
Sharing my passion allows me to be a bridge between different worlds.

I deliver clear messages with care, support, and open heart, irradiating love aligned with the source which I'm channeling from.

Listening, intuition and energy reading guide me through my journey.

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