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Willemijn van Olphen

Visionary  & Founder of Healing Circle Sanctuary

Life is a ongoing adventure, a discovery journey of infinite possibilities in the universe, explosions of realisations in our inner worlds and learning to manifest these realisations and dreams in our outer worlds. I welcome you to join us on an in-depth and wonderful journey! 


Hazem Mostafa

 Massagist, Health Consultant & Scuba Diver  Instructor

I am blessed to grow up around the pyramids. Feeling amazing energy mixing with my blood and soul. I was energized to experience many of extreme sports like scuba diving,  skydiving, paragliding,  rafting & hiking. With 15 years healing experience in Dubai and Egypt, I decided to introduce a unique healing concept to Portugal, a country that has a special place in my heart.

I am O

Universal Artist & Founder of Healing Circle Sanctuary

The universe is our playground. I ask you to remember to play with reality and allow your dreams to unfold. Whether this be through sound, dancing, acting or the creative arts, I am here to support you on your journey. I dare you to dream the impossible, and the possible will follow. 


 Planting Seeds of Love

Intuition brought me here to the Healing Circle Sanctuary where I found a family who brought me into their loving arms. I am fascinated by people and animals, their emotional needs and desiers. One of my gifts and passions is to help people to develop the language they seek to express them selves, to better their relationships in their lives, with them selves and others. I wish to continue to explore this planet with all its beings, to learn and share love. 

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