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for an Individual Healing Experience 

Connect & Discover

Let Go & Grow 


Allow yourself to merge with time, space, and the surroundings........

  •  Let go of what no longer serves you, and give Birth to the pure essence of your Being. 

  • Allow yourself to Change your Perception of who you are.  

  • Learn to see Beyond your own fixed construct of situations, thoughts, and emotions. 

  • Open up to all parts of yourself, so your Life can start unfolding from your innermost Truth.

  • Experience Peace and Unity, beyond all the Belief forms you have created, in your inner and outer worlds, and be motivated to grow and evolve beyond your comfort zone.



We created a supportive and encouraging space for you to feel safe

and seen to express whatever is inside of you. 

  • Within a supportive community surrounded by nature and animals; experience the fulfillment of deep connecting, with yourself, others, and your surroundings. 

  • Where we do not strive for perfection, but for honesty and the joy of being, caring, and loving. 

  • Where we can experiment and play, let our shadow sides be seen, let our inner child be seen, and understand their value for our further growth and healing. 

  • Where our inherent gifts and talents of our being can intertwine with the learned skills of our personality, to bring about a beautiful skillset, to wander out into a new way of living in connection, creating your dream life.

  •  Where a connection to your true nature, is truly established in your day-to-day life, by practicing mindfulness in every moment, not only on the yoga mat or during meditation. 

We also offer guidance:

In the outer manifestation of your journey, allowing for positive change to take place at the lifestyle level.


And for those who resonate with a new start in Portugal, we can offer specific practical advice and support regarding contacts and introductions to life and community, here.


 We can provide accommodation here at Healing Circle Sanctuary in the Algarve as a starting point.



Whether this is a time for reflection, self-discovery, or a change in life's circumstances, we can guide you.


Included in the Individual Immersive Retreats:


  • Short-term and Longer-term accommodation at Healing Heart Sanctuary (from 3 nights to a month)

  • Full-board delicious vegan/ vegetarian meals

  • Healing Massages

  • Healing Treatments

  • Counselling

  • Activities & Excursions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

You can contact us for a free consultation to talk about your specific needs and wishes as well as prices.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Healing Circle Sanctuary.




Examples of what we offer next to the main program: 

Creative expression: Drawing, Writing, Intuitive Sounding, Intuitive Cooking

Movement: Dancing, Walking, Breathwork, Qi Gong

Silence: Nature, Meditation, Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork

Trips: Beach, Mountain, Town

Evenings: Pizza evening pizzas made in our Cob oven, Bon-fires, Movie night 

3 nights from 400€ p.p.

6 nights from €933 p.p. 

For longer retreats, you can contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

If you are a couple or 2 friends looking for a retreat, or when you live in the Algarve and would like to come for a day program, treatments, and/or healing sessions. please contact us.




From the Perception of the Mind; 

To the Experience of the Heart.


How can I Change the Perception of;

I want to connect

To the Experience of;

I am connected.


     From scarcity: fear, shame, and guilt........


To abundance:

love, joy, and fulfillment





Everybody has a gift, something unique to share with this world.


Are you Longing to Fall into Your ESSENCE 


Come and Join us!

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