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We welcome donations of all kinds, for our community endeavors and eco-village projects.


Your donation will go a long way and will help us to co-create a brighter future

for nature, humanity, and animals.

USED FURNITURE We recycle different used furniture into creative elements, new furniture or use it as a building materials.

BUILDING SKILLS If you have special knowledge about building the eco-village facilities, we would be glad to cooperate with you.

BUILDING MATERIALS When we share leftovers of the construction works, we don't pollute the Earth with extra trash.

ARTISTIC SKILLS If you are an artist of any kind, you are welcome to co-create together.

ONLINE SUPPORT If you are a lawyer or a designer, or just staying somewhere far away, but willing to help us grow, you are very welcome.

SUPPORT US FINANCIALLY Every 1€ is a support too! We are very grateful, that with your support, we are able to to keep on creating a more balanced and harmonious life for all.

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