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Creator of an awareness playground

With the energy healing and reading, I connect with your energy field and your field will show me what is important for you to know, for your further healing and awareness of who you truly are. This can be related to this life or other life experiences. It can be traumas/challenges and gifts to which your soul is connected.

When it is an unhealthy connection we are so attached to it that we identify are lives around our traumas and gifts to such an extent that it influences our life experiences in a non-fulfilling or even negative way. 

In the psychology exploration of your life, we go deeper into the way you position yourself in life and why this is like that. We look at different situations in your life, to be able to open up to new perspectives concerning stuck thinking patterns and emotional blockages. 

If needed and possible we can also enter the realms of  the yin /yang principles of life. 

And beyond the duality thinking to connect with our true nature. 

The donation for 1 hour is  55 €

My phone number whats app and telegram +351961161577

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